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Heavyocity Gravity For Kontakt Full Free Download

Heavyocity Gravity 2 Crack is renowned as one of the leading producers of software instruments aimed at composers of film and television. Its past instruments, like AEON, Damage, and Evolve, have become the sound underpinning countless modern scores.

So it’s no surprise that it has now released Gravity, which it is calling “the most dynamic collection of Modern Scoring Tools ever assembled”. Gravity is a cinematic sound arsenal, comprising 100 complex Pads, 48 Hits, 72 Risers, and over 450 Stings, placing it sonically between symphonic libraries and virtual synths.

Heavyocity Gravity v1.1 (Kontakt) (Latest 2020) Free Download

Installation and licensing were easy, mainly because Heavyocity Gravity Crack has chosen to use Native Instruments Kontakt as its sampler and licensing platform. For those who don’t own the full version of Kontakt, the free Kontakt Player is available.

Anyone who is fully invested in the Native Instruments ecosystem will have the added benefit of Gravity being NKS-ready, meaning it will integrate into Komplete Kontrol MIDI keyboards. Gravity’s potential is realized when you exploit its expressiveness, so this kind of control over the instrument would be quite valuable.

At its core, Gravity is very much about granularity, allowing composers to dig deep into sounds, then meld and mangle them in creative and inspiring ways. Each set of sounds within the instrument, categorized as Pads, Hits, Risers, and Stings, is actually the fusion of multiple sounds.

Those sounds can be heavily manipulated or changed entirely, resulting in countless potential combinations. This is especially true with the Pads. The resulting combinations are so vast that Heavyocity Crack has provided Kontakt snapshots with each patch. They demonstrate how the sounds can differ extensively, from playable bell-like instruments and ambient textures to alternate swell patches and whatever else is imaginable between them.

Heavyocity Gravity v1.1 (Kontakt) (Latest 2020) Free Download

Overview Heavyocity Gravity

GRAVITY isn’t just another virtual instrument, it’s like having an award-winning sound design team at your fingertips. Experience the most dynamic collection of modern scoring tools ever assembled. Developed by Heavyocity’s award-winning team of professional songwriters and sound designers (Interstellar, Gone Girl, Godzilla), GRAVITY Download covers the gamut of intangible punctuation elements; Complex pads, evocative risers, otherworldly stings, and devastating hits. With more than 12GB of production-ready instruments in an inspiring new interface, GRAVITY delivers stunning sound and visual aesthetics. Come in and make the sound of Heavyocity yours.


Break the limits of static sound with the new MOTION function. From smooth tempo-synced swells and rhythmic pulsating motifs to complex stutters and glitch effects, MOTION offers fully customizable control of volume, pan, and pitch modulation. But don’t stop there. Create additional complex sequences with the PATTERN CHAINER function and hypnotic VOLUME MODULATOR. Experience limitless possibilities with the richest sound feature set ever offered in a Heavyocity instrument.


As composers of movie, television, and video game trailers, we find that great-sounding Hits and Hybrid Risers are in short supply. Enter the DESIGNERS. The new DESIGNERS offer deep customization, providing the perfect accents for your score. Hits are present in four layers; sub, impact, tail, and drone, with the ability to combine and control each element for maximum impact. The elevators come in three layers; Organic, Synth, and FX – each of which can be simultaneously stacked with time/duration and tempo sync options. Get GRAVITY and never be without these essential tools again.
Instrument details

Pads Heavyocity Gravity

Feel the emotional pull of GRAVITY. With reproducible atmospheric textures, evolving tonal pads, and intricate SFX beds, GRAVITY will immediately become your go-to instrument for ambient composition. The pads are present in a single channel, menu and complex three-channel formats to support multiple workflows. Complex presets have been expanded with up to six snapshots, accentuating the uniqueness of each individual sound. GRAVITY offers flexible design features that are unmatched by any other virtual instrument on the market today.


For the first time in a Heavyocity product, we are proud to include fully customizable risers. Combine evocative (ORGANIC) string sections with pull synths (SYNTH) and layers of dramatic effects (FX) to quickly create unique risers on the fly. Further, manipulate the risers using the MOVEMENT tab; even change the duration of the riser, syncing it to beats or beats, for full control over rising tension and suspense. Use DESIGNER to stack up to three layers in 12 user-customizable slots for quick and easy playback. Master creating spooky sound design elements with Heavyocity’s first customizable Riser experience.

Bumps and bites

Add weight to your dramatic moments with Hits & Stings from GRAVITY. Combine up to four of 192 different elements to create virtually limitless combinations of unique hits. Turn “Whoosh” on or off and adjust the length seamlessly. Don’t have enough customization? Introduce complex stutter and flicker effects with Motion Sequencer and Trigger FX. The fourth center of GRAVITY is possibly the most unique: Stings. Four hundred individual Stings cover a wide range, from reverse hits and hiss, to disruptive brass and aggressive tonal sweeps. When it comes to textures and score impacts, GRAVITY covers it all.

System Requirements

  • 12 GB uncompress (9.2GB on Disk with NI lossless compression)
  • 2200+ Sound Sources
  • 815+ Snapshots
  • 325+ Motion Presets (NKA’s)
  • 1200+ NKIs
  • 780+ Pads
  • 390+ Stings
  • 19 Riser Menus
  • 9 Hit Menus

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