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Ultrasonic Future Bass Essentials WAV FLP SERUM

Ultrasonic Future Bass Sample Pack

Ultrasonic Future Bass Sample Pack is the most professional FLPs I have ever heard. Very educational when it comes to getting that Future Bass sound from the wide variety of samples and arrangements that can be inspected on their models. Your models taught me a lot about Future Bass.

835 drum samples
This sample pack contains over 800
Ready-to-use samples in your productions.

This bundle includes 350 incredible presets for your favorite synths.

The project files are already mixed and mastered and you will learn how to use plugins like:
Fabfilter Plugins / Waves Plugins / FL Studio Plugins

  • Package includes
  • 100 Sylenth1 presets
  • 134 One Shots
  • 42 drum loops
  • 3 project files for FL Studio

What version of Sylenth1 do I need for this soundbank?
To use the soundbank, you will need Sylenth1 version 2.2.1 or higher

What DAW do I need for this package?
To use the sound banks, you will need any DAW capable of loading VST plugins such as Sylenth1 and Serum.

To use the Sample Pack Download, you will need any DAW capable of loading WAV samples.
For project files, you will need FL Studio 12 (we recommend version 12.5)


Faded Vocal Chops

Faded Chords

Faded Bass

Don’t give up Vocal Chops

Don’t give up Chords

Don’t give up Bass

Don’t give up Stabs

Feel Good Vocal Chops

Feel Good Chords

Feel Good Bass

Feel Good 808

Samples / Drum Loops

Kick 02

Kick 06

Kick 13

Snare 05

Snare 08

Snare 09

Snare 16

Snare 18

Snare 19

Buildup Drums 02 – 150 BPM

Buildup Drums 05 – 150 BPM

Buildup Drums 09 – 150 BPM

FX Ultrasonic Future Bass Sample Pack

Riser 5 – 150 BPM E

Riser 6 – 150 BPM F

Riser 8 – 150 BPM G

Riser 9 – 150 BPM G#

Riser 14 – 150 BPM E

Impact 2

Impact 3

Impact 8

Downlighter 5

Downlighter 9


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